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Hey all,

Just thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Christie Ann, 18 years old, going to UB, and I'm insanely in love!

Names: Laurance-Timothy and Christie Ann

Established: March 19th, 2004

Met: Junior year in high school, 8th period, history class, 2nd semester

Why I'm so in love: You just know. You just feel it. When it clicks, it clicks. We are so alike, and at the same time, so different. Both of us are the dominant-type, so there's a bit of clashing, but we always go through. Plus, I can see him just about every day and not get sick of him. Almost everyday for almost a year and a half. Is that more than a majority of couples out there? Hehh.. I don't know.. Anyway.. I can be my own person in this relationship, but with him, I just become someone better. It's an amazing feeling. Everyone should experience what we share. My high school sweetheart. Damn, I"m a sap. =)

<33 Christie Ann

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